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15 Sparrowhawk
Irvine, CA, 92604
United States

Teton Bros, the innovative outdoor technical brand from Japan is proud to announce the launch of its apparel collection in the United States. The outerwear collection designed by Nori and Junko Suzuki finds its roots from the backcountry of Niseko Japan delivering fully functional Backcountry Skiwear wear for the outdoor enthusiast worldwide.



Our fellow ambassadors

We have partnered with local athletes across the US to represent Teton Bros. We are proud to support the innovation, determination and adventurous spirit of our athletes and explorers.  


Spencer Kofoed

My name is Spencer Kofoed, I am a Big-Mountain skier and thrill seeking enthusiast. During the winter months I spend most of my free time skiing powder in Utah and occasionally avoiding the lift lines ski touring. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts but moved out west to attend the University of Utah. 

Where do you currently reside

Salt Lake City, Utah

What do you never travel without?

My camera

When did you first start skiing?

I started skiing at a very young age and instantly fell in love. Some of my first memories of skiing are of myself, crying because the lifts closed to early. 

Where is your favorite ski area?

Snowbird, Utah

What are the top 3 things you do to stay in top form in the off-season?

In the offsnow season I stay very active with any action adventure sport I can get involved with. I normally do not focus as much on a specific gym based exercise, but try to keep my self in shape by staying active in the outdoors. I do this by hiking, cross training with sports like Mountain Biking, surfing and Wake boarding and on the rare occasion, go to the gym. 



Ian Clarke

I’m a professional ski mountaineering racer, skimo racer for short, as well as just a ski mountaineer.   I get to combine my endurance capabilities with my love for challenging skiing through the sport. I also get to go on some breathtaking adventures and meet some really cool people.

Where do you Currently reside?  

I’m currently based out of Burlington, Vermont as I’m working on my undergrad degrees in Community Entrepreneur and International Development at the University of Vermont.   

What do you never travel without? 

I pretty much always bring a camera with me.  Half the time I just enjoy being in the moment and forget I even have it.  But I really do like sharing my adventures with others. 

When did you first start skiing?  

I started early, 5 or 6 years old, as an alpine ski racer in the Poconos.  I moved to Killington, Vermont to pursue racing at a higher level a couple years later.   

Where is your favorite ski area?  

My favorite ski area is Grand Targhee in Alta, Wyoming... in the Tetons!

What are the top 3 things you do in the off-season to stay in form? 

One, I’m a professional road cyclist for CCB-Velotooler.  So that takes up most of my off-season, but in the last few months before the ski season. I’ll go sky running and ramp up the gym sessions. 


Canyon Florey

Besides trying to snowboard as much as possible this guy has to work. Currently, I own a company that designs, manufactures and sells carbon fiber camera equipment around the world.  Our specialty is making the lightest most compact camera cranes available for mobile cinematographers.  I also work on video production crews doing commercial and adventure projects. I consider myself a cinematographer, photographer, product designer, and an online marketing and sales specialist.  I have also worked as an outdoor adventure guide and heli-ski guide in Alaska.  

Where do you currently reside?

Meyers, CA.  It is located outside of South Lake Tahoe and hosts some of the best backcountry snowboard access in the region. 

What do you never travel without?

A high-quality lightweight Jacket.  You never know when you will need protection from the elements and if you have a good shell you can endure anything. The TB jacket has become my go too.

When did you first start snowboarding?

I first started sliding downhill on skis as soon as I could walk.  I grew up in Whitefish, Montana and around 1992 I found snowboarding and instantly loved how it flowed down the mountain. I was fortunate to grow up 10 minutes from The Big Mountain and my father owned an outdoor gear store.  I guess that was 25 years ago now.

Where is your favorite ski area?

The backcountry of Alaska in the Valdez and Haines areas. For lift access areas my home mountain in Whitefish, Montana will always be one of my favorites, my local Tahoe areas are Kirkwood and Sierra at Tahoe. Mt. Baker holds a special place in my heart, and Whistler and Mammoth are just huge amazing ski areas.

What are the top 3 things you do to stay in top form in the off-season?

I actually work a lot in the offseason so I can enjoy shredding the winter away.  Luckily I live and work in an outdoor recreation mecca. Mountain Biking is my main summer activity, followed by rock climbing, and mountaineering.